My Turkish Missle Crisis

A Memoir from the Front Line of 1962

Not all the drama played out in Washington, Moscow, and Havana.

This is an absorbing and frightening account of one man’s experience on the frontline of the Cuban Missile Crisis. During the autumn of 1962, as the world waited for apocalypse, Joseph Maiolo found himself manning Jupiter missile launch facilities near the border between Turkey and the Soviet Union.

5" x 8"
64 pages
ISBN: 978-1-887317-90-0
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Rarely do we get such personal, detailed testimony from those who might actually turn the keys that would end civilization as we know it. What sometimes feels like an impossible, long-gone nightmare from fifty years ago is made terrifyingly real by Maiolo’s precise narrative.”

— Tim O’Brien, Winner of the National Book Award for Going After Cacciato

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